“Helping Farmers Survive Crisis with Dignity”

Queen's Bush Rural Ministries provides short-term assistance, support, advice or resources to farmers by providing a telephone-based referral service.

  • Our coordinator will work one-to-one with clients listening attentively to their needs, either on the telephone or in person.
  • We refer clients to an agency or professional person with the expertise or resources required to assist them in meeting their needs, be they social, emotional, spiritual, financial, family, marital, legal, agricultural or physical.
  • We will advocate on behalf of clients with agencies or businesses with whom they are experiencing difficulty.
  • We offer educational programs regarding the services provided by Queen's Bush Rural Ministries and/or the nature and cause of the crises being experienced by clients.

I'M O.K.

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Some things you consider fortunate in your life.
Something you have done to help a family member.
Something you have done for your spouse.
Something you have done to make a friend feel good.
Something constructive you have done for your community or your church.
Three qualities that you have.
Three things that you do well.
Someone you love.
Someone who loves you.
Someone who depends on you.
Your best strength.
Something you are going to do for yourself in the next three days.


Our History

Queen's Bush Rural Ministries was formed in 1986, in response to the interest rate crisis taking place at that time. Affected farm families needed a place where they could get a sympathetic hearing of their story and referral to a lawyer, financial advisor, minister, counselor or other professional able to guide them through their difficulties.

Today leadership and /or financial support come from United Church, Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches in Grey and Bruce. Considerable financial support is also received from many individual donors, rural businesses and rural organizations.

For information and Assistance


(toll free)


In 2008 we received the FAB (Farm Advisory Board) award, sponsored by CKNX radio, in recognition of our longstanding commitment to the local farming community.

Please feel free to contact us by our mailing address:

Queen's Bush Rural Ministries
120 First Avenue S.
P.O. Box 39
Chesley On NOG1LO